Here you'll find the very scarce collection of WLDM photos, articles and other memorabilia i've been able to find. I am always searching for more photos of the WLDM building exterior, as well as any other photos taken inside the building.


While the WLDM building and tower were being built, Lincoln Broadcasting Company maintained offices
in investor John Ross' Lincoln Tool And Die building at 13271 Mt. Elliot in Detroit 48212.

A closer view of the smoke stack at LINCOLN Tool And Die, which is still there today.
The building is now occupied by Chemical Technology, Inc.

Harold was born and raised in Missouri, graduated from college there, moved to the Detroit area,
worked in radio in Detroit. Ultimately putting his dream baby WLDM on the air.
Here is a tidbit from the 1940 census.

Harold Tanner. Photo from 1949.

Harold receiving award from 2 unknown persons in 1957, and the associated letter.

One of the items included in the WLDM sales literature packages.

Rep Ad that appeared in 1967 broadcasting publication

WLDM ad update in 1967 for a broadcast periodical

WLDM article. Note the station's original address
24750 Greenfield Road, as West 10 Mile Road
had not yet been paved.
The original driveway entrance was on Greenfield Rd.

From February 1957, the front of WLDM. 15401 West Ten Mile Road at Greenfield. Detroit (Oak Park) 48237. Not much around back then. This came from a much larger photo and has been cropped.

From October 1956, the rear and west side of WLDM. Not sure who the guy in the picture is, but notice he's standing along side Greenfield Road, which appears to be 2 lanes of unpaved mud. This came from a much larger photo and has been cropped.

This is most likely an early 1960's photo of the southeast corner of 10 Mile Road and Greenfield Road. You can see the WLDM tower, and in the lower left corner of the photo is a teeny bit of the WLDM building. Note that a Ford dealership now occupies the corner.

Here we have a floor plan of the WLDM building. This is extremely accurate, POST 1961.
Studio A was the original "Live" studio where music was performed. This later became essentially unused and gathered dust from about 1951 on. Studio B was the original control room until about 1970 when a new control room was built out in a corner of the transmitter room and a new production room was then built in Studio B. Studio C was the original production room, but became office space for the program director after the new larger GEL transmitters were installed in 1961. This due to the removal of an office (and possibly an engineering shop/office) as you will see in the older floor plan below. More info and pictures can be found on the "Equipment" and "History" pages of this website.

Here we have a floor plan of the WLDM building. This is the PRE 1961 layout.
2 offices, Program director for sure (and possibly an engineering shop/office as well) were removed to make room for the longer and deeper GEL transmitters which were installed in 1961. We can only verify 100% the program director office as having existed and being removed. Existence of the engineering shop/office is speculation for now.

Article - Detroit News 1962

Article - Billboard April 1968

Article - Billboard April 1967

One of the earlier WLDM dial cards

One of the later WLDM dial cards

Full page newspaper ad from the mid 1960's.

Right around the time Harold Tanner signed the deal to sell WLDM to Combined Communications, but prior to the FCC's approval of the license transfer which occured in early 1978, he wrote a letter to the FCC officially informing them as to whom the designated chief operator and assistant chief operator was.

Front of the old building, taken shortly after Combined Communication purchased WLDM in 1978 and changed call letters. The large WLDM back-lit call letters have been removed and the new WCZY logo painted on in their place. The old building's days are numbered, soon to meet with the wrecking ball.

A quickly cobbled together new "COZY" control room was built in the old WLDM Studio A, and was used by the on-air staff until the new building was built.

Here's the Ampex ATR-100 reel to reel deck WCZY used to play their custom "COZY" music tapes provided by Churchill Productions. 3 of these decks were used.

June 9, 1979 article about Churchill Productions.

WCZY used the CBS Audimax and Volumax processors for a short while, because they did sound great. But later updating to the relatively new Orban Optmod 8000.

Article about the new "COZY" and it's take on beautiful music.

This is a more current photo of the WLDM BLAW-KNOX tower

And a close-up view of the top

This is current aerial view of the property and tower, clearly showing the current pole-mounted 6 bay harris antenna, and the small transmitter building situated to the north (left) of the tower. You see what appears to be 2 bigger buildings. The rear building closest to the tower is where the original old building sat. The front building was built first, and offices and studios moved into it. Then the old original building was demolished and a second new building constructed in it's place which was connected to the front building, creating essentially one building.

What 15401 West 10 Mile Road looks like today.


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